BurlapBabe Giveaways this Summer

Posted by JR Johnson on

Over the summer I will be doing weekly giveaways in the form of a raffle. I'll be using a very cool tool called Rafflecopter to facilitate the entries. What Rafflecopter does is integrate social networking sites with giveaways.

It's actually very cool. Entrants earn points by completing specific tasks. But the task are very easy..."like" a page on Facebook, "pin" an image on Pinterest, "tweet" a link about the giveaway, etc. A completed task is worth a predetermined amount of points, each point counts as an entry in the giveaway, and of course the more entries, the greater the chances to win.;;;

Each giveaway will last 7 days and at the end, Rafflecopter randomly selects a winner from the entries.

The first giveaway starts Monday.