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About Us

I am a full time teacher, new mother, and lifetime crafter. My own mother definitely passed on her love for DIY projects and resourcefulness throughout my childhood. I specifically (and fondly) remember a dinosaur costume she spent weeks putting together by hand and making me the envy of the playground that October.

The inspiration for BurlapBabe was laid in the Spring of 2011 when spending a weekend in San Clemente, California with my husband and sister-in-law. She is an event coordinator and wedding stylist who had been running her own Etsy shop for two years. Over the course of those two days, BurlapBabe and its first few products came to be.

Out of the gates, my Wedding Dress Hangers (or Personalized Bridal Hangers) with my signature BurlapBabe Flower drew some attention. With the confirmed interest of customers I had the confidence to try different styles and products in my store and added a variety of listings. I'm constantly torn between doing the work that needs to be done, and doing the work that creates the new products.'

With regards to the Wedding Dress Hangers, I am constantly improving my wire script to maximize legibility and elegance. The wire name is the most important part of a wedding dress hanger. I also like to embellish the mantle of the hanger with tasteful fabric flowers (frequently burlap), bows, and bow ties for the grooms. The wedding dress hangers themselves can also be custom painted or texturized.

BurlapBabe is approaching it's two year anniversary at the end of May. I am thrilled to have made this long, but so much more excited to set new goals and see how the future takes shape.

I have recruited a couple close friends for inspiration and help, as well as my husband for technical and logistic support. BurlapBabe is just a little family business that I hope will continue to add a custom and personal touch to anybody's special event.


Jeralyn - BurlapBabe