Quality over...well, everything.

Posted by Jeralyn Johnson on

You have a business. In this business, you (hopefully) have some revenue. In the simplest reduction, there are two ways to increase your profitability; raise prices or reduce costs. With raising prices, it is evident to the customer as they are the one footing the final bill. Whether or not you need that dollar to cover cost or line your pockets, all the customer notices is the increase in the amount of money they must pay for your product. Reducing costs however, affords you the luxury of choice; keep the savings as profit, or pass it along to the customer. Of course there is a spectrum and you can choose to keep a percentage and pass along the remainder, but these are the two basic options.

With BurlapBabe's wedding hangers, I have elected to always choose quality, and this frequently comes with an increase in cost. It doesn't always translate to higher prices, but in general it means BurlapBabe wedding hangers will be more expensive than the cheapest options out there. I know you have a budget, I know you have a loooong list of services and products to purchase. When you purchase from me, I guarantee you that I am putting all the quality and care into your wedding hanger, that you would if you made it yourself.

I want to make the best quality wedding hangers. At every turn, I look for opportunities to increase or better the quality of my materials, tools, and craft.