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Double-Decker Walnut Finish Wedding Hanger

  • $25.00

Double- Decker Wedding Hanger

Sometimes the sentiment you want to express, or the title you've be given, just won't fit on a single line of a bridal hanger. Adding a 2nd line makes these longer phrases not only possible, but look elegant as well.

When checking provide the following:
1) The exact phrase you would like crafted into both wire tiers. Example: "Top - Mother, Bottom - of the Bride" If you are requesting the date on the top line I recommend all numerals for space considerations.
2) The date the bridal hanger is needed by. Example: "6/10/2013"
3) Double check that you are purchasing the correct listing, and it includes the correct finish, size, and embellishment

If you are looking for the double decker with burlap and lace flower please follow this link:

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