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Personalized Decorative Wooden Wire Hanger

  • $20.00

A handcrafted hanger is the perfect way to show off adorably tiny outfits. The mom-to-be will love this as a shower gift, and they make birthday gifts as well. This particular hanger is for a boy and the color is a light blue but is also available in pine, walnut or white (all with notches).

It works perfectly together with the light and dark burlap fabrics. Your choice of all ivory burlap bow tie or two-toned burlap bow tie.

I form each custom name by hand and generally use an informal cursive style. Each hanger is approximately 12" wide. Because of the size constraint, space is limited. Keep this in mind when requesting names. I recommend 12 characters or less including spaces.

When checking out, please include the following:
- Exact phrase or name (double-check spelling)

Please read all details and view store policies before purchasing.

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