Can I have your phone number?

Posted by JR Johnson on

Of course I can't. I don't know you and you don't know me. Calling you on the phone would be a little intrusive, because to you, I'm just a business. So I get it, I won't call you...

But what about email? - I'd prefer not responding to your email over not returning your phone call

Today, people communicate more through text mediums than they do voice. Whether it be texting, email or social networking, little fingers are tapping away furiously. A case could be made that emails are more valuable and more personal than phone numbers, and who wants to give that away to a stranger. Especially if that stranger wants to call you everyday, multiple times a day to tell you about something you could care less about.

I will not do that.

In fact, here's a list of things I won't do:

  • I will not email you multiple times a day
  • I will not even email you daily
  • I will not create obnoxiously long newsletters
  • I will not reuse or sell your email address

And a list of things I will do:

  • Respect when you click "unsubscribe"
  • Send occasional (maybe weekly) emails
  • Keep it short and sweet

The truth is, I would love some way to communicate with you. It allows me to show you new products or announce sales. More importantly it's also a way to find out what you want and what I can do better as business owner.

So if you have a moment.. :)