5 Things to Know When Buying a Wedding Hanger

Posted by Jeralyn Johnson on

There are always surprises when buying something that is occasion specific and designed for a single purpose. Below is a list of common questions and concerns I field on a regular basis.

  • The wire is malleable. It should be obvious that the wire is bendy, how else would a human be able to bend it into a cursive name? They should always be handled with care, but especially when first pulling it out of whatever box it was shipped in. If you can tell where the hanger hook is, pick it up by there and gently remove any packing or wrapping around the hanger.


  • Most commercial grade hangers are strong enough to hold a wedding dress, at least long enough for the portion of the photo shoot where you plan to use it.


  • Wedding hangers are different from wedding dress hangers technically. These wedding day photo props go by several different monikers, but there are wedding dress hangers that are just big, thick, rounded hangers to hang dresses from long term. Look for the adjectives "personalized" or "custom" when searching online.


  • The hanger's shape is a pain when shipping. While it may not be heavy, it's shape requires a much larger box than you would think. And when you take into consideration the malleability of the wire, it adds another factor to consider when shipping. Do not be surprised at how much shipping costs in relation to the wedding hanger. Specifically shaped boxes and packing materials need to be used to ensure it arrives to you in good condition. And the Post Office loves to raise rates almost every single year now that shipping costs are constantly on the rise.


  • Personalized wedding hangers are a new staple at weddings and showers. Despite new crafters popping up almost daily, many of them are at least a few days out from shipping if not a few weeks. Bottom line: give yourself time, order one early. Buying a bridal hanger early, whether for yourself or a gift, has the added benefit of allowing for mistakes to be corrected.


This covers the basic considerations when considering buying a custom wedding hanger. I jot them down as they come to me so I will definitely update or repost this in the future.