Volume and Low Price vs. Quality and Value Added in Wedding Hangers

Posted by Jeralyn Johnson on

As mentioned in a previous post, bridal hangers are currently in a boom phase, and are a commodity in Etsy right now. When selling a commodity, usually it becomes a game of who can get their prices down the lowest. When your prices get low, the way you make a profit is by selling A LOT of LOW PRICED items.

I have seen hangers sold for as low as $4.50, before shipping of course. Even if we consider that in this special case, that the supplier has found the materials for FREE, there's still the crafters time; it still takes time to craft a name into a piece of wire. In addition, you then have to attach the wire to the hanger to make it a wedding hanger. If you can make 4 in an hour, you have $18/hr. From this $18, you have to pay...you know what, this is a subject for a different post, if any post at all. The point is, you have to sell larger volumes of wedding hangers if you going to bottom out the price and drive down the value.

An alternative is making the wedding hangers I make, different. So I add to them, I embellish them as tastefully as I see fit. Burlap flowers, pearl lining, felt bow ties, feathers, netting...I take any ideas I have and try to make the prettiest, most attractive bridal hanger I can.

Embellishment can be a 4 letter word. Well, no, it's always a 13 letter word, but some people really hate it. To the haters, it means gaudy, over-decorated, knick-knacky slop. In a lot of cases, they aren't wrong. In my case, they are. The idea of designing and creating new and tasteful wedding hangers is consistent with my mission to provide the best quality, and best experience when customers shop with me.